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          Building Excel-based application on demand with ExcelServer

          ExcelServer is a diy tool for building an excel-based information system.It integrates MS Excel and MS SQL Server. With ExcelServer, you can easily build your own application on demand, such as ERP, CRM, accounting and payroll, inventory management, sales management, etc.

          Main features of ExcelServer

          Custom Apps for your Needs

          Every business is unique. ExcelServer is the easy-to-use tools to build solutions that are as unique as your needs.

          From Excel to database

          Change an Excel spreadsheet to Template, give meanings to cells, fill in a form based on the template and the data entered will be saved into database

          Collaborate with Ease

          Create departments, roles and users, set detailed permissions on templates, let different users can access different parts of a spreadsheet, balance between data sharing and security.


          Get data from database onto worksheet, or vice versa, super-formuals are your ideas about how data in different kinds of spreadsheet are being related and referenced with each other, expressed in a very natural way.

          Workflow and Business Rules

          You can define workflow on template, enable a form being transfered between people according to bussiness logic. Different people may access to different area of a form. It can split, merge, recircle.

          Rich GUI Features on Excel

          Data-fillers ---- default value, auto numbering, dropdown list, tree view, list view, etc ---- can be defined and bind to fileds on template, which make end users operate on spreadsheet easily, quickly and correctly.

          Built for Non-Programmers

          Express your ideas about your business rules via the intuitive drag-and-drop interfaces, you don't have to be a technical expertise to built your own apps. No VBA needed.


          Easily make use of data from other apps, explore possibilites of integrate you app based on ExcelServer with other application.



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